ANSC 402: Horsemanship


Class Schedule for Fall 2014:

Advanced Beginners MWF 1:10-2
Intermediate 1 TTh 11:10-12:30
Intermediate 1 MWF 10:10-11:00
All the above labs have lecture T 2:10-3:30

Intermediate 2 MWF 11:10-12
Intermediate 2 TTh 9:40-11:00
Advanced TTH 2:10-3:30
Dressage Only MWF 4:10-5
Dressage Only TTh 3:40-5
Advanced Dressage Only MWF 9:10-10
The 6 sections above share lecture on W from 1:10-2


ANSC 402: Horsemanship is a 3-credit class offered during Spring and Fall semester and is open to all majors.

  • Three hours of riding instruction per week in dressage and eventing.
  • Beginner through Advanced levels.
  • Group lessons (by level) of 6-8 riders
  • Ride UNH School Horses in class
  • Most classes include dressage and jumping
  • Several Dressage only classes
  • One hour of lecture per week
    • Lecture topics include theory and principles of horsemanship, dressage and eventing
    • Lecture work includes assigned readings, exams, projects and written assignments
  • Students care for their horses before and after class
    • Students will receive instruction in this area as needed
    • Students should allow 20-40 minutes before and after riding class to have time to appropriately care for their horse
  • Long pants and shoes or boots with a ½” heel (riding boots, hiking boots, work boots, etc.) are required.
  • Students must wear ASTM/SEI approved safety helmets. (may borrow one if they do not own their own)
  • Lab fee of $850.00, billed by the UNH Registrar
  • Course may be repeated for credit.

Equestrian Teams

  • Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) Team competes in dressage

  • Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Team, competes in hunt seat equitation on the flat and over fences
  • Try-outs held beginning of each semester
  • Students must be currently enrolled in ANSC402 or have previously been enrolled in ANSC 402 for two semesters to be eligible to try out

Preregistration for SPRING 2015 TBD  reregistration is held for upperclassmen before the start of each semester. Students are put into classes based on the answers to the following questions:

How long have you been riding? How long have you been taking lessons?
Have you ever owned or leased a horse?
Are you riding now? If so, how frequently? If not, when was the last time you rode/rode regularly?
What seats/styles of riding have you participated in? At what level?
Have you ever competed? If so, in which discipline and at what level?
What types/breeds/ages of horses have you ridden?
Are you comfortable on speedy, sensitive or unfamiliar horses?
Do you know your posting diagonals?
Are you comfortable cantering in a group?
Do you jump? What height?
Have you jumped cross-country? What level?
Are you comfortable jumping challenging horses?
Have you received dressage instruction? What level?
What types of things are/were you working on in your most recent riding experiences?