Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) Team

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Team Roster for 2014-



Michelle McGillicuddy

First Level
   Julia Grella
   Katie Letourneau
   Felicia Pandelena

Upper Training

    Haley Scofield (Co-captain)
    Katarina Keller
    Yianna Rhodes
    Samantha Andrews 
Lower Training
    Mackenzie Gunn
    Alex Petkavich (Co-captain)
    Abby Geick
    Emily Deveau (Co-captain)


    Sarah Reega
    Kelly McGillivray
    Skye Finn
    Sophie Bonstrom 

Dressage is a sport of skill and subtlety which is often likened to ballet on horseback. It is a test of harmony between horse and rider. Under Intercollegiate Dressage rules, the host school provides mounts for all of the riders. Riders select a horse in a random draw, watch the horses go and then have 10 minutes to warm up their horse before entering the ring for their test. The challenge of the competition is to create a seamless partnership with an unfamiliar horse in a limited time span. The UNH IDA Team competes intercollegiately against local New England schools.

Riders for the UNH Dressage Team must be riding in a ANSC 402 Horsemanship class or taken it for at least two semesters.  Tryouts for the team are held at the beginning of Fall semester.

Fall 2014 Schedule (click on date for results)

Oct. 4 U-Maine

Oct. 18 JWU

Oct. 19 URI

Oct. 26 at Home

Nov. 26 at Home

Spring 2015 Schedule (click on date for results)

Apr. 4 - UMaine

Apr. 11- JWU

Apr. 12- URI


2013  Regional Champions

2012 , 2011 Regional Reserve Champions

2010 Regional Champions

2009 National Champions




March 23rd UMaine

March 29th JWU

March 30th URI

April 14th-16th Nationals