IHSA Team Biographies

Elise DalyRider:  Elise Daly, Walk Trot
Major:  Equine Science (Pre-Vet)
Graduating year: 2016
Riding Background: I started riding at UNH Fall 2012!
Favorite thing about IHSA: Meeting lots of new horses at shows.

Rider: Victoria Barry Novice Flat/Fences

Major: undeclared

Graduating Year: 2017 

Riding Background: I have been around horses for as long as I can remember! When I was younger I spent my time eventing with my pony packer, but during high school I began competing in the  hunter/jumpers and spent my junior and senior year competing in the interscholastic equestrian association (IEA) and was the captain of my team my senior year. I currently own a six year old Dutch Warmblood named Boom, who I compete in the jumpers with. 
Favorite thing about IHSA: my teammates! I love riding all different types of horses and competing, but having your teammates to fall back on, or to cheer you on, that's what makes IHSA so special for me. 

Rider: Karlee Burmaster Novice Flat and Fences

 Major: Equine Science
Graduating year: 2016
Riding background: I started riding when I was 9 years old when I joined a local 4-H club at Winding River Quarter Horses in West Winfield, New York.  I have been there ever since with my trainer Jodi Pearsall. I have always shown at New York State Quarter Horse Shows as well as local hunter shows in the hunt seat divisions. 
Favorite Thing about IHSA: The team as well as the anticipation of what horse will be drawn and then having to figure the horse out throughout the class as well as showing to the best of your ability. It is a great experience and improves our riding.

Rider: Elsa Javenes, Novice Flat and Novice Fences
Major: Business Administration WSBE
Graduating Year: 2016
Riding Background: Since my first "leg up" at age 6, on a pony named Penny, I have had a passion for horseback riding.  I have competed at various levels from local schooling shows in the Hudson Valley, NY, to National "A" rated shows in NY, NJ, and Connecticut. In 2011, I competitively showed in the Children’s Eq. I love being able to ride challenging ponies and horses, and I strive to work with each horse I ride to learn anything that I can to make me a better rider.  I trained with Bj Ehrhardt, owner of Foxhedge Farm, for 4 years. I have also trained with Vanessa Karlewicz, owner of The Stables at Mirabella, in Warwick, New York.  Most importantly, I will always enjoy riding at any level, and with a smile on my face.
Favorite thing about IHSA:  My favorite thing about IHSA is the chance to ride a variety of horses and meet new people! 


Rachel Hurst

Rider: Rachel Hurst, Novice Flat and Fences
Major: Equine Studies 
Graduating year: 2014

Riding Background: I started riding when I was about seven and have loved it ever since. I have been competing in equitation and hunter/jumpers for about eight years. I have spent most of my time leasing a variety of horses, all at different training levels, but I am happy to say I have my very own to play with now! 
Favorite thing about IHSA: All the girls on the team! They are always so supportive & just a great group to be around. It wouldn’t be the same without them! 


Rider: Sarah Gaskell, Novice Flat and Fences
Major: Equine Management
Graduating year: 2014

Riding Background: I started working in return for riding lessons when I was 12.  I have done that throughout the past 8 years and have grown as a rider by watching other riders and taking lessons.  I have never shown competitively so this will be a new experience for me!
Favorite thing about IHSA: The girls on the team!  I also enjoy riding different types of horses.

Rider:  Megan Murfey, Novice Flat & Fences
Major:  Equine management
Graduation year:  2015
Riding background:  I have owned horses and ridden my whole life.  I currently own a 25 year old Welsh Pony and a 9 year old Thoroughbred.  I have a lot of experience competing in different things like jumpers, hunters, and a little eventing.
Favorite thing about IHSA: IHSA has given me a lot of experience on many different horses.  It has definitely given me a lot of confidence in the show ring.






Katie Bartow

Rider: Katie Bartow, Novice Flat & Fences
Major: Communications / Business
Graduating Year: 2014
Riding Background: I started riding when I was 8 years old. I love being around horses & especially love ponies. I previously competed in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) program for 6 consecutive years &  was the captain of my team. My freshman year of high school, I qualified for Nationals & placed in the top 20 for my division. I enjoy working with horses & have been volunteering at Lovelane Therapeutic Riding Center for two years.
 Favorite thing about IHSA:  The team! We have so much fun together which is really special since riding is typically an individual sport. 
Heather BurnoRider: Heather Burno Novice Flat/Fences
Major: Equine Studies: Industry & Management
Graduating Year: 2016
Riding Background: I have been riding since I was six years old, and I have been competing for eight years. I have spent most of my junior riding career in the equitation ring. I also have experienced competing in jumpers and in hunter/ jumpers.  My latest interest is eventing, which I hope to experience soon.
My Favorite Thing About IHSA:  I enjoy IHSA because; it is giving me the opportunity to ride many different kinds of horses, and be a part of a team. 

Rider: Co-Captain Victoria Hope McTague, Novice Flat & Fences
Major: Pre-veterinary medicine
Graduating Year: 2014
Riding Background: I started riding at the age of three, after a pre-school field trip to The Pony Farm. Since then I have continued riding on a regular basis. For most of my riding career I rode with no instruction just on trail rides. For about four years now I have been involved in eventing and training horses.
Favorite thing about IHSA: This is my first year riding in IHSA, and also in the hunt seat discipline. I am mostly excited to ride multiple horses and gain show experience.




Rider: Shannon Doherty, Intermediate Flat/Fences
Major: Business Management and Finance 
Graduating Year: 2015
Riding Background: I started riding when I was 6 years old in upstate New York, growing up showing all over the North East with my  Welsh Pony. I moved to New Hampshire 8 years ago and since then have  been riding at Horton's Farm with Joe Forest in Grantham, NH. There I have spent my time showing a variety of horses in the hunters, hunt-seat equitation, and jumper divisions.
Favorite thing about IHSA: The challenge of riding a variety of horses throughout the year that you know very little about, and competing with the team!

Rider: Jenna Francis Novice Flat/Fences

Major: Equine Management

Graduation Year: 2015

Riding Background: I started riding when I was 8 and haven't stopped since. I have always been a hunter/jumper rider, but have had the opportunity to get dressage training recently. I have never owned my own horse, but have ridden and learned from many different ones that have gotten me to where I am. Riding and horses has always been my passion and when I got accepted to the University of New Hampshire for equine studies I was glad I could pursue what I love to do!

Favorite thing about IHSA: The opportunity to ride more and learn from all the different horses. 


ommon Man Inn
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Plymouth, NH 03264

 Rider:  Co-Captain Katie Gadoua, Novice Flat & Fences
Major:  Biomedical Science with a Veterinary Focus 
Graduating Year:  2015
Riding background: I have been riding since I was seven years old and showing since age nine. I rode in IEA during high school and have also done the hunters, equitation, and some jumpers throughout the years. I have qualified and competed in the MHC, MHJ, and NEHC equitation finals for a number of years.     I enjoy riding in and have been consistently competitive in National Hunter Derby’s for the past couple years.
Favorite thing about IHSA: Getting to ride and figure out all the different horses and not knowing what you get until you’re on course or starting flat. Meeting and getting to know all the girls on the team!

Rider: Nicole Graham Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter
Major: Occupational Therapy
Graduation Year: 2016
Riding Background: I began riding at eight years old and have never really looked back since!  Growing up in a military household enabled me to ride in all different parts of the United States- from North Carolina, where my first pony was bought, to southern California.  I have ridden a variety of disciplines, from hunters to the jumper ring, but my main focus for the past four years has been barrel racing.
Favorite thing about IHSA: My favorite thing about IHSA is the variety of horses we are given the opportunity to ride as well as being part of a team of girls who all share a love of horses! 

Meghan Lusty

Rider: Meghan Lusty, Open Flat / Fences
Major: Undeclared
Graduating Year: 2014
Riding Background: I have been riding for around eleven years, and competing for eight. Although I show in the equitation ring, I enjoy showing in the Hunter ring with my horse Cupid the most.
Favorite thing about IHSA: Getting the chance to ride a variety of horses in such a short period of time.

Hannah King Rider: Hannah King Novice Flat/Fences
Major: Equine Studies Industry and Management
Graduation Year: 2016
Riding Background: I started riding when I was 5 years old because my dad thought it would be a fun thing for me to try. 15 years later it is something that I have held on to and have a really deep passion for. I started riding hunter/jumper and started showing the hunters when I was about 8. I've been to Ocala for Hits with my former pony when I was younger and continued to do the hunter circuit on the north shore. My goal is to start eventing soon. 
Favorite thing about IHSA: The feeling of support from all of my wonderful teammates who share the same passion for horses that I do, and to be able to get advice from other riders who can share their experiences with me.


Rider: Emily Mallard Walk Trot

Major: Undeclared
Graduating Year: 2017
Riding Background: I began riding at the age of fourteen, when my wonderful trainer and friend, Kathleen Dixon, offered me lessons in exchange for barn work. I fell in love the moment I got on. 
I have continued to ride with Kathleen at Patch Wood Farm in Sandown, New Hampshire and she has shaped me into the rider I have become. Now as a proud new member of the IHSA team I hope to expand my skills as a rider and hopefully I'll be as great as my fantastic teammates! 
Favorite thing about IHSA: I love having to be able to figure out what kind of mount a horse is by watching others ride it. Anyone can ride the same horse and perfect every aspect of their ride, but only IHSA riders can do that in a matter of two-three minutes. You need to be at your best from the moment you mount. And thanks to my fantastic teammates I am able to do that with confidence and a smile on my face.  

Rider: Kellli Means Open Flat/Fences
Major: Psychology
Graduating Year: 2014
Riding Background: I have been riding practically before I could walk. Over the years I have shown in the Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation, including riding the young horses and the old pros. I have ridden in NTHJC, THJA, and USEF, from local shows all the way to AAA. I currently have a Hanoverian that I have trained since she was three that does the hunters and jumpers.
Favorite thing about IHSA: The chance to ride a variety of horses that you haven’t ridden before and have to figure out in the spur of the moment. Getting to ride as a team and form a team bond that you don’t normally get a chance to do riding horses.





Rider: Holley Mihok Intermediate Flat/Fences

Major: Nutrition 

Graduating Year: 2016

Riding Background: I learned to ride on my Grammy's miniature pony, Bonnie when I was 2 years old. Since then I have been completely obsessed with horses... I will never ever outgrow them! After buying and training various meat market ponies in my backyard, I moved to training at Mill Stone Farm in New Jersey for 8 years. There, I really developed as a rider, and had the wonderful opportunity to show various horses and ponies. The highlight of my show career as a junior was showing in the Marshall Sterling Finals (2012) and competing in various National Hunter Derbies. I am excited to continue riding hunter/jumper, but also to start eventing! I look forward to every ride because none of them will ever be the same, and everyone will teach me something new. 

Favorite thing about IHSA: I love being able to share my passion for horses with the coach and team members. Some non-horse crazy people will never understand the reasons we wake up at the crack of dawn, get dirty in the barn all day, and spend frustrating hours training challenging horses... but the IHSA girls are all totally on the same page as me- it's wonderful! 


Casey O'DeaRider: Casey O’Dea Novice Flat/Fences
Major: Equine Studies 
Graduating Year: 2017
Riding Background: I have had a passion for horses for as long as I can remember. I have ridden competitively for eleven years in equitation and hunters in rated shows and two years of IEA before coming to UNH. I have ridden horses of all different breeds, experience levels, sizes, and personalities, but I especially love challenging horses that truly teach you and make you a stronger rider. I am very excited to be a part of the UNH IHSA team!
Favorite thing about IHSA: My favorite things about IHSA are being part of such a close team and gaining new experiences with each ride.

 Rider: Linsey Phelan Novice Flat/Fences

Major: Outdoor Education
Graduation Year: 2015
Riding Backgroud: 10 years of hunt seat instruction, and 1 year of teaching at Watchung Stables, Summit NJ.
Favorite thing about IHSA: Practices are super fun because of our awesome girls and horses, and I love riding new horses. But really, I just get excited at any opportunity to jump!


Kayleen Rojek
Rider: Kayleen Rojek Beginner Walk, Trot, Canter
Major: Animal Science
Graduating Year: 2016
Riding Background: I started riding in 2009 at a farm in my town. I mucked stalls and groomed the horses at MoonShadow Farm in Pittsfield, NH in order to ride when I wanted to. Until now I have not had any formal lessons but am so happy that I am now!
Favorite Thing about IHSA: The team is great, they are very helpful and supportive! I also enjoy being able to ride so many different horses.

Olivia ThomsonRider: Olivia Thomson Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter
Major: Undeclared, but moving to Equine Science
Graduation Year: 2017
Riding Background: I have been riding for a really long time.  I started when I was about three and rode only during the summer for a couple of years on and off the lead line.  After a couple years, I moved on to getting actual riding lessons.  I leased my first pony when I was 10.  This unfortunately did not work out and I moved to another barn.  The barn I moved to, I have stayed at for 6 years and I love it there. It is my second home.  I learned how to jump there, but I was not getting the right amount of jumping instruction so I moved to a more experienced show barn.  Now, I am currently working at a therapeutic riding facility where I work with three horses, Tango, Buck and Pony Boy, converting them from western to english disciplines.  I go back to the show barn to improve on my jumping every once and a while. 
Favorite thing about IHSA: So far, I love all the people on my team.  I think we are very close.  Also I really enjoy the fact that we get to ride so many different horses.  It is kind of cool to think that at every show I will be getting on a horse that I know nothing about and riding him to the best of my ability.  It really shows how good of a rider a person can be. 

Rider: Tianna Vestri Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter 
Major: Applied Animal Science- Equine Management
Graduating year: 2016
Riding background: I started riding dressage when I was 12 years old. I picked up hunter/jumper three years after that & did both for about four years before fully switching over to hunter/jumpers. I have shown at schooling jumper & dressage shows along with hunters at 4H schooling shows over the past 5 years. 
Favorite thing about IHSA: Getting to be a part of a great team along with riding different horses & expand my riding ability on horses I do not know.